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2.4 DWT Gold Nugget – Madonna with Child – Virgin Mary – Religious For Sale

2.4 DWT Gold Nugget – Madonna with Child – Virgin Mary – Religious

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2.4 DWT Gold Nugget – Madonna with Child – Virgin Mary – Religious:

2.4 DWT Gold Nugget – Image of Madonna with Child – Virgin Mary – Religious Significance – Rare – One of a Kind - "Naturally Formed"

"Buy it Now Price" -A donation of this amount directly to the Port Angeles, Washington,Boys & Girls Cluband theMadonna Nugget will be given to you and/or your organization with 100 percent of the money being used to help build a new facility in the community. Please donate the "Buy it Now" price directly to the Port Angeles Boys & Girls Club.I will pay the fees out of my own pocket as well as provide needed contact information to the Buyer to help facilitate the money transfer.

"Best Offer" - Please feel free to makeyour best offer. If accepted, I will donate 50 percent of the money tothe Port AngelesBoys & Girls Club.TheMadonna Nugget will not ship until payment clears.

I recovered this natural 2.4 pennyweight (DWT) gold nugget while metal detecting in Nevada over the 2017 Memorial Day weekend. It is the most incredible nugget I have ever found and one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. To find it over the Memorial Day weekend made it even more significant. The Madonna Nugget, as it has been named, was found in an isolated area outside Rye Patch, Nevada. Other nuggets were found around it (as pictured), but are not included in this sale.

Upon initial soaking to remove dirt and caliche I was shocked to see the clear image of Madonna and Child appearing with chevrons behind. Finding a nugget with chevrons on it is rare, finding one with chevrons on it and the centered clear image of Madonna and Child is unheard of. Some believe the chevrons represent the Holy Spirit radiating from the image of Mary holding her child Jesus. Chevrons are naturally occurring and found only on a small percentage of gold nuggets.

As described in Wikipedia, “A Madonna (Italian: [maˈdɔnna]) is a representation of Mary, either alone or with her child Jesus. These images are central icons for both the Catholic and Orthodox churches. The word is from Italian ma donna, meaning 'my lady'.”

This nugget, and the story of finding it, was featured in the ICMJ’s Prospecting and Mining Journal, July 2017 addition, a copy of which I will provide to the buyer. It has also been featured on several forums and has won the honor of find of the month. The interest in this nugget has been tremendous. Though I immediately noted the image of Madonna with Child, it has since been pointed out that the nugget has an image of a donkey face on one side of Mary and an image of Joseph on his knees praying on the other side (see picture with arrows pointing to the images).

As you can see, I have done no further cleaning of this nugget beyond what is described above. It is a naturally formed nugget with no altering. Though I desire greatly to keep it, and fully recognize that one like this will never be found again, I see thisas a wonderfulopportunity to touch many people and build a much needed new Boys & Girls Club for the community. I firmly believe this nugget was meant to be found, and shared with others, as it was at an incredible depth for a metal detector to respond.

This nugget would make a beautiful pendant, brooch, or tie pin, which is a simple process for any quality jeweler to craft. It would also be an incredible part of any gold and/or religious display. Any one of these options would result in stimulating conversation and thought. I would really like to see the nugget go to a large church for annual display during the Christmas holidays. If not a church, perhaps a casino (***like the Golden Nugget***) where it could be displayed for many to see and appreciate. This is the perfect time of year to display this nugget as we come into Christmas.

I have been offered a significant amount ofmoney for this nugget through a private gold buyer. However, in an effort to touch a larger audience I am listing it on . It is my hope that the winner of thislisting will fully recognize how rare and religiously significant this item is and be willing to share its beautywith others.In that spirit, ifthe nuggetsells by "Best Offer"50 percentof thepurchase pricewill be given to the local Boys & Girls Club. If the nugget sells as a direct donationto the Port Angeles Boys & Girls Club they will benefit fromthe entire amount and I will pay the fees.

The nugget will ship once payment is fully processed through PayPal. Payment is expected immediately following the sale ending. offer with confidence as I have 100 percent positive response. The nugget you see is the exact nugget you will receive. I will ship USPS insured certified mail with signature required. Note – An listing of a piece of toast with the image of Virgin Mary on it sold for $28,000 in 2004. This is a natural religious gold icon created by the hand of God and having far greater significance and value. Feel free to contact me with your questions.

I reserve the right to remove this item at any time as it is availableat no costto Pope Francis or St. Peter’s Basilica. Thank you ! Let's build a Boys & Girls Club together!!!

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